“Today, the man I’ve chosen sits besides me. The smell of concentrated bark is stronger than the pork fried rice that hit us when we first stepped into the cart. He wears the scent so frequently, it now lives clinging to his pores. It is him to be graceful and still in his confused anger. Sometimes he be tree. Sometimes he be like air.”

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Lorraine Avila
Not Your Negra

“There isn’t a right or wrong in this conversation. It’s black and white. If you Black, proceed using the fucking term if you like. If you not Black, do not say the n word, stop. At least don’t use it in front of me. You’re just upset I am no longer granting you permission to say it.”

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The Weight of You

“I carry with me the fear that I have missed a step, and I may or may not be whole by myself. Therefore, I have anchored myself to the sacrum bone, careful not let my mind or my heart do the things it does for bodies that are not my own. From here, I can try it all.”

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